Pulikeshi Kasturi

Kalayogi – Guru Pulikeshi Kasturi
An amicable person, a scintillating nattuvangist with a gifted magical voice, a devoted organiser and a loving teacher – these are the exclamations “Puli” (as Pulikeshi is fondly called) has earned in his two decade carreer. As an acclaimed dancer, nattuvangist, teacher and promoter of classical arts he embraces the world of classical Indian dances with full strength and vigour. His performances are marked with an enjoyable aesthetical experience with an absolute charge of creativity.

Pulikeshi has mastered the art of Bharathanatyam through his training under veterans gurus such as Lalitha Srinivasan (senior disciple of Venkatalakshamma – court dancer of Mysore Wodeyars) and Narmada (disciple of Kittappa Pillai). He was also blessed by Guru Maya Rao who initiated him into the art of Kathak. The govt of India’s Human Resources dept. felicitated him with a national scholarship from 1996-98 that facilitated him to pursue his art deeper.

Pulikeshi with strong hold on laya(rhythm) and his perfect pronounciation has been easily acclaimed as the best nattuvangist of Karnataka. and has been invited by all popular Indian classical dancers to accompany them on nattuvangam. Naturally awards such as Kinkini’s “Best Nattuvanar of the decade”, “AryaBhata Award for nattuvangam” followed soon.

Pulikeshi’s major credentials include

  • Master’s degree in Dance from Bangalore University

  • Choreography degree from the Natya Institute of Kathak and Choreography, Bangalore University under the tutelage of Guru Maya Rao

  • Vidwath certification from the govt. of Karnataka

  • First nattuvangist to conduct nattuvangam workshops in Bangalore back to back owing to popular demand

  • Accompanying top dancers of the country for more than two decades on nattuvangam.

Choreographic works :

  • Bakasura Vadha – The episode of slaying Bakasura – From the Mahabharatha

  • Kirataarjuniya – Arjuna’s Penance from Mahabharatha

  • Veera Raghava Vyayoga – Scenes from Ramayana

  • Mata Daana – A political satire on election

  • PachaBhoota – A thematic presentation on the elements

  • Usha Parinaya – A romantic story from the Mahabharatha

Pulikeshi has performed Bharathanatyam as well as Kathak at the Soorya Festival, Nitya Nrutha, National Jamboree……………..

At present he is the artistic director of Shanthala Arts Academy where along with a dedicated staff he trains hundreds of students in Bharathanatyam and Nattuvangam.